Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 month old dies after swallowing battery

A 13 month old swallowed a watch battery. It became toxic and causes severe bleeding, which lead to his death. That is a scary thought. I hate to think about something like this happening, but I thought you would appreciate the warning. Here's the story that ran on NBC:

FROM NBC: An Ohio baby dies suddenly after swallowing something most of us have around the house. Michelle Truett/Aidan's mom said, "I feel empty there is a hole that will never close up he was my baby and he was precious." At 13 months Aidan Truett was like any toddler, into everything and everything in his mouth.

Michelle Truett/Aidan's Mom: "I never would have thought in a million years that a battery could have been so deadly." Michelle and her husband Lonnie first knew something was wrong when Aidan had trouble eating. They would later learn it was because he'd swallowed a battery the size of a dime. Lonnie Truett/Aidan's dad: "It's not just the acid it's the current passing through the tissues." The combination caused severe bleeding that eventually lead to death. Michelle Truett: "I did CPR did my best but he was going very quick."

Michelle Truett: "I feel like his spirit is telling me I need to do this that other parents need to know so they don't feel what we feel." The Truett's keep Aidan's cremated remains close. Michelle wears a heart. Lonnie a cross. "It's engraved with his name." "We go on vacation we go to the store, he's right here with us." Aidan's story, his short life Michelle and Lonnie hope: a lesson for all. Lonnie Truett: "We just want other parents to know the dangers and if they have these get rid of them they're not worth your child's life."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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